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Financial Literacy

Personal Finance Education and Debt Management Advising

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Provider of financial education to all ages

  • Debt management advising to earners in the work force.

  • Seminars for associations, non-profits, and businesses.

  • Curriculum builder for educational institutions.

One on One Advising

Working with individuals to develop excellent money management habits to control expenses and improve financial health. Creator of spending plans, risk identification & mitigation strategies.

Debt Management Seminars

Provide single to multi day seminars with respect to budgeting, expense control strategies, materialism, and financial plan execution among other topics. Organizations determine number of the sessions and the scope of content from a list of topics.

Classroom Education for School Districts

Developer of financial literacy curriculum for middle and high school grade levels, 6th through 12th. Online delivery to the classroom. A multitude of financial topics pared to fit your semester or marking period course length.  Customizable content if desired. Provide support with respect to content delivery methods for optimum student engagement. Teacher training provided.    

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