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Financial & Operational Risk & Control Services

    Risk Assessments

An examination of processing, transactional, and reconciliation procedures to identify whether breakdowns could occur as a result of how those tasks are being performed.


The risk assessment looks at the steps involved in carrying out a transactional task, to determine whether the process as performed could be faulty, causing error, monetary loss, or theft.


A Risk Assessment Control document is provided, listing all tasks and its corresponding control rating (rating whether control is effective, or weak). The document also outlines the risk in how the task is being carried out and what ramifications could result if there is a breakdown within the steps.


Finally, recommendations are provided on how to improve any controls found to be weak thus reducing risk, and decreasing the chance of potential loss.

Operational Audits

Examining detailed transactions to ensure or determine whether they were carried out correctly. Reviews are performed through examination of bank & other financial statements, charted logs, receipts, and additional documentation.

A formal report is issued at the completion of the exam explaining the details of issues found.

Reconciliation Services

We provide account and cash reconciliation of transactions of your payables and receivables. Creating for you a separation of duties function – which mitigates risk of mistakes or misappropriation that a single employee can create if handling both functions.  

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