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Financial Awareness & Literacy

Whether you run an institution or a family  - being adequately versed in money management concepts is critical for the success of both these entities. Your "Bottom Lines"  represent the Profit or Loss for the month, quarter, or year -where your revenue/income needs to be greater than your expenses.

For institutions, it is critical that there is an understanding of how to project cash flow. For the family, this would be a monthly budget  (going forward, to be known as a financial or spending plan**).  Understanding the components of the cash flow statement, and the expense lines within the spending plan is the first step in controlling your outcome. We can direct you from here.



** Note: Pertaining to individuals, the term "budget" is synonymous with using the term 'going on a diet". As that nutritional "diet" is temporary because people rarely maintain it - and in the like "budgets" are rarely adhered to over long periods - So, therefore a more releveant term is born!

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